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Alexandria's Community Spelling Bee
Dunbar Alexandria - Olympic Boys & Girls Club
Campagna Kids & Wright To Read Program
The Alexandria Tutoring Consortium

City of Alexandria RCPA
Out of School Time Program
Sunday, June 2, 2024
1:00 pm -5:00 pm

 Lee Center
1108 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Free Event

Hosted By
Price Point Solutions LLC (PPS)
Women's Initiative Network (WIN) 

Sponsored by:

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BEE A FRIEND Contributors


Scott A. Price

Elijah Griffin, Sr.

Michelle Griffin

Scott Shaw, Alx Community

Michael Fullwood

Bob Black, Start-Engineering

Mayealine Adams, Esq.

Alexander Adams, Esq.

Mark Gable, Esq.

Michelle Gable, Esq.

Karen McLeod

Shawn McLeod

Clarice McLeod

Deborah Johnson

Tamara Hutchinson

Dr. Michele Klopner, Ph.d

Dr. Kenneth Schumate, D.D.S.

Angel Hall, Esq.

Annie Joyner

Steronica Mattocks

Chuck Mills

Issac King, CYEP

Arthur Linder, Jr.

Chinwe Adetula, Esq.

Sean Adetula, Esq.

Sheryl Jones, Esq.

Dr. Richard Jones, Ph.d

Patricia Davison-Lewis, Esq.

Jack J. Byrd, Jr.

Rosa Byrd

Tim Lovain, Esq.

Beth Lovain

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BEE A FRIEND Contributors


Nyree Wright

Kisha Killingsworth

Djeinabu N. Diallo

Sonia Price, Esq.

Stacey Brayboy

Dee Clemmons

Octavia Kraft Drayton

Sherry Hithon

Tia Jackson

Tesha Crockett

Marguerete Luter

Lucretia McClenney

Jacqueline McKinney

Elena Neely - Author

Lia Pendarvis

Dr. Sonia Pilot

Maurisa Turner-Potts

Donna Swett

Niquelle Allen

Paula Karole

Deborah A. Woolen

Rashida Shorter

Delegate Charniele Herring

Councilman John Taylor Chapman

Dr. Bernadette Hence - KidGineer

Deborah Tompkins Johnson - Author

Craig A. Dixon, Esq.

Scott A. Price

Elijah Walter Griffin, Sr.

Michelle Griffin

Jennelle Rush

Mayealie Adams, Esq.

Alexander Adams

Issac King, CYEP

Veronica Jeon, Website design

Alexandria's 2nd Community Spelling Bee 

A spelling bee has a unique place and purpose in our culture. It is a distinctly American term, with roots back to the 1800s; its meaning is tied to accomplishments within a social gathering. Spelling words connect us to our history through word analysis, raised up by the rewards that come from belonging to a community of learners. Spelling also stands as an essential literacy building block. It belongs to the literacy continuum; mastery leads to a richer vocabulary, deeper comprehension, prosody. Spelling words contribute to a clarity of thought, stronger communication and writing skills, improved reading levels and scores.  A spelling bee ignites and inspires children to achieve, with long-lasting academic results.


Education today leads to opportunities tomorrow.

Spelling Bee

In addition to promoting literacy and vocabulary skills, participating in a spelling bee also:

  • Promotes literacy and vocabulary skills

  • Builds character and self-confidence

  • Provides public speaking opportunities 

  • Encourages friendly and fun competition 

  • Engages educational stakeholders and community partnerships

About Us

About Us

Sonia Price


Mrs. Price is an attorney, civic leader and advocate for children and families. Mrs. Price is passionate about helping students recognize and reach their academic and leadership potential inside and outside the classroom. 


In 2018, Mrs. Price launched Pathways for Progressive Scholars with an aim to support student achievement and serve the community. She firmly believes that students learn and understand concepts through multiple pathways.  


Mrs. Price's professional trajectory and commitment to support children and families are integrally related to her passion for children's well-being and educational pathways.  She is excited about making an impact in the lives of our most valued resources: our children and their education.

Dawn Bursk

Director of Programs

Reading & Writing Specialist

Ms. Bursk is an educator specializing in state-of-the-art literacy instruction and intervention.

Ms. Bursk holds a Master’s in Children’s Literature and Master’s of Science in Education from Simmons College, Boston. She has designed and implemented original and research-based curriculum for 18 years for at-risk readers, including intensive and differentiated instruction aligned with SOLS, and diagnostic and prescriptive reading and educational assessments.


Ms. Bursk recently won a Digital Technology Competition at Fairfax County Public Schools, 1 of 10 grant winners out of 200, to start a student-run journalism program at her local public school.

Women's Initiative Network (WIN)

Women's Initiative Network (WIN) is an interest group drawn together in support of a common mission: to garner resources for underserved women and youth in the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County. WIN mobilizes resources through volunteer activities and community service, providing assistance to support under-resourced communities of color.

Words are the voice of the heart.

Confucius, Chinese Philosopher

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